Hello survivor.

I’m a Hubda, a transhuman species from the Backmasking Future.


The arc of tarot where the hidden cards have been discovered in the pluricosmos by the gods of the future. The ancestral magicians have been propelled with the initial superforce to be banished from the physical round on the earth plane towards the etheric circle spreading the hidden secret of the sempervirent flora who gives away self-knowledge and supreme wisdom to distance oneself from the world and procreate a mystical awakening poisoned by gnostic egos but illuminated from the entrails by planetary magnetism bifurcating the idea of ​​the divine and the mundane, two opposites that are necessary for the cosmic order, the regiment of universal laws, the end of an archaic cycle, the resurgence of universal laws and the paradox of change of a new space-time era taking root in an asexual and generic species with a new opportunity to redeem its karma in the cabalistic sway of a new solar year.